"Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist." -Pablo Picasso-

You ever have that idea of selling your home and relocating? 

Check out this short video.

Right now there are many people competing for a home, the sales price of those homes on the market tend to be higher due to the amount of competition in the market.


Soon, the reverse will take effect. Less buyers in the market, tougher for sellers to sell their homes, usually will mean a lower sales price, or at the least, more days on the market.


If your in a position of selling and being able to either upgrade or downgrade, this may be the time. Don't just sell to sell at a high price point though, have a plan. Here's a short list of things I'd consider before selling.


1. Find out the value of the home
2. Does the sale of the home support paying off the loan (If you still have one on the home), broker fees, possible lender required repairs, and any other lien that could be on the title of the property. 
3. Are there any costly repairs that are needed on the home?
4. Are there any affordable upgrades that can be done to the home prior to listing the home?
5. What is the next move on the list (where are they looking to relocate and do they have a financial plan that can help them back up their intentions)?


Number 5 is probably the most important. If you'd like me to advise you please let me know. I have had over 23 sales these past 12 months, over $4 million in sales total. Longevity, knowledge, and guidance are the` three pillars of my work.


I'd be happy to help, but if your just looking for some quick info, feel free to just send me the address to the property and I'll run a quick analysis to help guide you towards the right direction financially. With me you'll have the peace of mind of speaking with a professional who will help guide you and will follow up with you down the road if your decision is to wait today.

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